Bryan at Wilderness Ridge
DJ set up

My Experience

I have a degree in broadcasting from the American Broadcasting school in Oklahoma City and then I got ten years experience in radio with stations like 96kx, KLDZ, Froggy and KLIN right here in Lincoln, Ne. I started my DJ service in 1988 with my albums and Technics turntables and since then, I went from cassettes to CD's to my current laptop with over 23,000 songs plus my state of the art sound and lighting system. Because of the current technology, I have downsized my equipment a lot, which I like because I don't get worn out setting up equipment before the event starts. In most cases, I can be up and running and playing music within 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the venue. The most important thing to me is that I own my DJ service, but if you are paying me, you are the boss and I work for you. I pride myself in bending over backwards for you to make your event perfect with the right blend of music and personality and good old fashioned personal service. 

How do you choose a DJ?

There are so many DJ's out there, it's so hard to decide which one to choose because all of them promise to do a great job!. Even if everything else is perfect, without good music the party is likely to flop. I have found the best way to pick a DJ is to see them for yourself. I've had many couples call me and ask to check out my skills at my next available gig, which I believe is the best way to make a decision. But, don't tell me what time you are showing up, observe me for awhile and then see for yourself. But, as we know, time doesn't always allow that luxury so the next best thing is to ask your friends, with the same taste in music as you, because your friends will always tell you the truth. Plus, word of mouth is a big part of my business because I don't have deep pockets to afford a lot of advertising. Who are you going to trust more, commercials or your friends? In my years of experience, I like to meet all of my potential clients in person so we can talk and then you can decide for yourself. Plus, did you know that most other DJ's charge by the hour and have hidden fees, I charge by the event with no hidden fees or time limits & with the same price for over ten years. Surveys have consistently shown for the past 30 years that 2 out of 3 guests agree that the music can make or break your reception or party. In other words, ask a lot of questions when looking for a DJ and don't settle for the cut rate DJ because you get what you pay for. Instead, consider hiring me, because I bring so much to the table when it comes to planning your event, with my previous experience as a radio personality, my 20 plus years in the mobile DJ business and my event planners, your party or reception will be a huge hit.